Washington Redskins

WASHINGTON D.C. - In a statement released Monday morning, the Washington Redskins football team announced that after a thorough review of the team's name, it will be retiring the 'Redskins' name and logo going forward. The franchise has had the name since 1933.

On July 2, FedEx, the team's major sponsor for the stadium sent a letter to the team's top lawyers threatening to remove the FedEx logo and pull their sponsorship if the team name was not changed. The following day, the team announced it would be conducting a "thorough review" of the nickname.

That was soon followed up with companies like Nike, Pepsi, and Amazon who all announced they would no longer sell or carry Redskins-related merchandise on their sites or at their stores unless the team made a change.

While no new name was announced Monday, one is expected to be announced in a couple of weeks. Team owner Dan Snyder and Head Coach Ron Rivera are reportedly working closedly to develop a new name and design approach "that will enhance the standing of the proud, tradition rich franchise and inspire sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years."