Asotin County Sheriff

At approximately 1:07 p.m. on Friday, the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office was advised of a male subject in the Snake River near Mulberry Beach just south of Asotin. The subject appeared to be struggling in the river and further reports stated that the male was frantically waving his arms. According to the ACSO, it was reported that a male subject who was driving by, had stopped, and was now in the water in an effort to help the victim.

Deputy Levi Frary was first to arrive on scene at the Asotin Boat launch. He had been advised that the two males were still in the river floating towards Asotin.  Robert Mahal of Lewiston was launching his boat, and was asked by the deputy for use of his boat. Deputy Frary was able to operate the boat upriver and locate the two males. Both males were pulled aboard the boat and CPR was immediately started on the victim. Life saving measures were continued by paramedics during transport to Tri-State Memorial Hospital but the 54-year-old victim was unable to be revived. The name of the victim is not being released at this time pending family notification.

The ACSO says 34-year-old Galen Dail of Lewiston had spotted the victim struggling in the water as he drove by and entered the river in an attempt to assist the victim.

It’s not known how the victim ended up in the river. He did have a life jacket partially on but it’s unclear if he was wearing it prior to the incident.