Big Horn Sheep

Photo of a similar sized ram taken by WDFW Wildlife Biologist Paul Wik

CLARKSTON - In late April 2020, Bighorn Sheep biologists with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife found the skeletal remains of a large, eight year old ram in the Schumaker area of the Grande Ronde River.

The ram’s tracking collar had been cutoff, along with its head and horns. As it appears this ram did not die of natural causes, WDFW Police officers are asking for tips from anyone who may know about the circumstances surrounding the ram’s death.

Please contact WDFW Sergeant Paul Mosman at 509-710-5707 with information. In addition to the normal reward available through WDFW, the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation is offering an additional $10,000 in reward money for information that leads to a conviction for the illegal poaching of the ram.