WSU Police

PULLMAN, WA - Stricter gun control laws in Washington are forcing the Washington State University Police Department to end its gun storage service for students. A new law requires law enforcement agencies that store firearms for the public to conduct a background check on the owner before the citizen can retrieve their gun.

That stricter gun control law in Washington is forcing the WSUPD to end its gun storage service for students. Assistant Chief Steve Hansen says it’s not feasible for the department to conduct background checks every time a student wants to retrieve their firearm when those checks take 3 to 5 days.

The WSUPD has been storing firearms for students for decades since guns aren’t allowed on campus. The department normally stores about 50 guns.

Hansen says university housing alerted students of the change last week. Students moved into campus housing on Saturday. Class starts on Monday the 19th.

The decision from WSUPD to end firearm storage means there is no place for students to legally store their guns on campus.