Pullman Airport

PULLMAN - The Palouse’s only commercial air carrier is expanding its service to the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. Alaska Airlines is adding a 5th flight 6 days a week starting November 6th.

The new flight will leave Seattle at 11:40 in the morning and arrive in Pullman at 12:51. That plane will then depart Pullman at 1:30 and arrive in Seattle at 2:47 in the afternoon. That 5th daily flight will run each day of the week except on Tuesdays. The expanded service from Alaska comes as the new runway at the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport is nearly complete.

The current airport runway will be shut down for several weeks starting on Sunday while the new runway is brought online. The closure will temporarily halt all fixed-wing air operations. The new Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport runway will open on October 10th.