Washington State University (2)

PULLMAN, WA - Tuition is going up again at Washington State University.

The board of regents agreed with the administration for the 4th straight year to raise tuition to the maximum amount allowed by state law. The regents on Friday unanimously approved a 2.5% tuition increase for the upcoming academic year. It increases in-state resident undergraduate tuition by about $250 for the year to a total of around $10,200. The maximum tuition hike is tied to the growth rate of the median hourly wage in Washington.

The hike is expected to increase WSU revenue by about $5 million for the next fiscal year. The administration says that will help the institution deal with a roughly $37 million budget shortfall in fiscal year 2021. The deficit has been caused by lost revenues from the governor’s coronavirus shutdown.

The regents on Friday also approved the 2021 Cougar Athletics budget which is expected to have a roughly 6 million dollar deficit. That’s down from an expected nearly $17 million deficit in the current fiscal year which ends on Wednesday.