Valentines Day
LEWISTON - The Lewiston High School Music Department will once again be traveling around and delivering Singing Valentines for this Valentines Day! The deadline to put in an order is today, February 10 before $4 late fees kick in, so don't miss out!
There are four songs you can choose from to be sung, including "You are my Sunshine", "Cute", "Fly Me to the Moon", and "You're Just too Good to be True." 
Prices are $6 to deliver to an LHS student, $10 to deliver to any of the Junior High, Elementary Schools or Tammany, and $20 to deliver anywhere in the Lewiston/Clarkston area.
A rose and a personalized card will also be delivered with the Singing Valentine. If you want to be a secret admirer don't worry, you can choose to be an anonymous. 
If you are interested in ordering a Singing Valentine for this year's upcoming Valentines Day on February 14, call 208-748-3137 or email