Border Wall Construction

Photo: White House

SEATTLE. WA - A federal judge on Thursday reversed and blocked the Trump Administration’s decision to divert funding for nearly $89 million in congressionally approved military construction funding meant for Naval Base Kitsap to help build a wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Judge Barbara Rothstein in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington granted summary judgment in Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s lawsuit challenging the Administration. The Trump Administration’s decision would have diverted nearly $89 million from the Kitsap Peninsula’s Bangor submarine base.

“This judgment is an important victory for the rule of law, and the system of checks and balances our founders enshrined in our Constitution,” Ferguson said. “We’re looking forward to this $89 million being used the way Congress intended — to support a military construction project in Washington state.”

Two federal judges — one in Texas and one in California — previously issued injunctions blocking the border wall project, but those injunctions have been lifted. Today’s ruling means that congressionally approved funding meant for Washington will not be diverted to that project.

In February 2019, President Trump declared a national emergency to reallocate funds for his long-promised border wall despite the fact that Congress has repeatedly refused to approve the funding he requested. Congress voted to overturn President Trump’s emergency declaration, but President Trump vetoed their legislative action.

Ferguson filed his lawsuit in September 2019, after the Trump Administration identified the specific military construction projects it intended to target — seven months after the emergency declaration.

The Trump Administration’s plan would have subverted a $88.96 million project to build a pier and maintenance facility at the base, complete with a boat shop, small-craft fueling station and storage tank, and permanent berthing for two 250-foot blocking vessels.