University of Idaho Campus

Photo: University of Idaho

MOSCOW - On Wednesday, January 13, the presidents of Idaho’s three major public universities (University of Idaho, Boise State University & Idaho State University) announced they will not seek tuition increases for the 2021-22 academic year if Governor Brad Little’s proposed higher education budget is approved by the Legislature.

The Governor’s FY2022 higher education budget would restore nearly $15.4 million cut as part of the statewide 5 percent holdback ordered last year in response to the pandemic. His budget also funds $2.1 million for the enrollment workload adjustment (EWA), which is based on a three-year average of the number of credit hours taught by each institution. It also aims to increase teacher pay through the career ladder.

“My budget makes a historic commitment to teachers by fully implementing our $250 million investment in the career ladder," said Little.

Wednesday's announcement could mark the second year in a row that tuition increases won’t be requested for resident, undergraduate students at their respective institutions. In late 2019, the presidents initiated a tuition freeze for the current academic year.

“While the University of Idaho is ranked as the best value of any public university in the west, we recognize that the cost of education is still a barrier to entry for many of our potential students,” University of Idaho President Scott Green said. “We are working hard to reduce those barriers by raising more scholarship money and keeping the cost of attendance down while maintaining the quality education for which we are known. It is an increasingly difficult balancing act, but we are committed to delivering one of the best educational values in the country for the citizens of the great state of Idaho.”

"Ensuring access and opportunity to higher education for all Idahoans is critical,” President Kevin Satterlee of Idaho State University said. "Affordability for students is key in that regard. We are striving to open up that opportunity so students can come to any one of our eight public higher education institutions and have a chance to better their lives.”

"Above all, Boise State University is committed to student success, knowing the incredible promise that a university education holds for students and their families, their communities and our incredible state,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State president. “We also recognize the increased financial challenges that we all are facing, and will do our part to keep tuition affordable and education accessible.”