WASHINGTON D.C. - On Monday, August 3 the Trump Administration announced that the United States Department of Agriculture is investing $462 million to modernize critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure across rural America.

As part of these investments in Idaho, the cities of Troy, Stites and Athol will all receive over $1.5 million in loans and Grants.

Troy will receive a loan of $1,553,000 that will be used to modernize and rebuild the public drinking water system for the city. The current system is approaching 80 years old and is at high risk of failure due to age and condition. The new public water system will provide clean and safe drinking water for current and future residents of Troy.

Stites will receive a loan of $972,000 and a grant of $878,000, totaling up to $1,850,000. This money will be used to improve the city's water system. The project will address the health and safety issues of the current water system by replacing water lines, storage tanks, meters and additional aged parts of the system. More than 200 current and future residents will benefit from this project.

Athol will receive a loan of $2,140,000 and a grant of $710,000, totaling $2,850,000. This Rural Development Investment will be used to update and replace the city of Athol's aged drinking water system. The project will replace reservoirs, undersized water mains, a well pump, and update the control system. The deficiencies in pressure, storage, and water supply will be corrected thereby allowing the current and future residents of Athol to benefit from this project.

“Upgrading the infrastructure that delivers safe drinking water and modern wastewater management facilities will improve public health and drive economic development in our small towns and cities,” Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Bette Brand said. “Under the leadership of President Trump and Agriculture Secretary Perdue, USDA continues to be a strong partner with rural communities, because we know that when rural America thrives, all of America thrives.”