Washington State University Campus

Photo: Washington State University

PULLMAN, WA - The University of Idaho and Washington State University have each made the list of 385 most outstanding colleges and universities in 2020 as ranked by the Princeton Review. The rankings were released on August 5, and are based on factors that include the excellence of the academic programs.

More than 140,000 students nationwide were surveyed by the tutoring, test prep and college admissions services company to tally these rankings. The survey includes 80 questions spread out through four categories. They ask the students about their schools academics, student life at their college, the fellow students and themselves. 

The Princeton Review does not rank these schools 1-385, and instead lists the schools in alphabetical order. 

Part of these rankings include the schools academic selectivity rating. This rating measures how competitive admissions are at the school. It's determined by multiple factors, including: the class rank, standardized test scores, and high school GPA of entering freshmen and  the percentage of applicants accepted, with the rankings ranging from 60-99. 

The University of Idaho's selectivity rating sits at 78/99 with the average applicant GPA being 3.41, while Washington State's is just slightly higher with a rating of 79/99 and an average applicant GPA of 3.39. 

Both schools also have an application acceptance rate of 77%, even with Washington State getting nearly triple the number of applicants. 

The campus life at the University of Idaho is one of the things students are drawn to the most. With 86% of first year students living on campus, a high quality of life ranking like the one Idaho has of 88/99 is an important factor. 

Washington State also made its mark on other lists, such as #20 on the list of having the happiest students, #10 on having the best college radio station, #13 of having students participate in intramural sports and #16 on providing the best health services as voted on by students. 

Both Washington State University and the University of Idaho made the list last year as well.