Lewiston Police

LEWISTON - On Thursday, April 29, 2021 at approximately 6:30pm, the Lewiston Police arrested a 20-year-old Lewiston man for Burglary and a Felony charge of Malicious Injury to Property in regards to the Former Lewiston High School building being vandalized.

20-year-old Lance J. Anittila was taken into custody without incident in the 800 block of 20th street in Lewiston due to his prior criminal record.

21-year-old Dylan J. Latimer, also of Lewiston, will face the same charges for his involvement, but was not taken into custody.

On Tuesday, April 27, at approximately 6:52am, the Lewiston Police responded to 1114 9th Avenue in Lewiston for the report of a broken window on the former Lewiston High School Building. Upon arrival, officers found the building had been entered through a broken window and several thousand dollars worth of vandalism had occurred. The vandalism included property destruction and graffiti throughout the building. A preliminary estate of the total cost of the damage was around $20,000. It appears the crime was committed around the 10:30pm on Monday, April 26.