North Fork Ranger District Camping

Photo: North Fork Ranger District

IDAHO - Five of the six fee campgrounds managed by the North Fork Ranger District are open ready for Memorial Day Weekend visitors.

According to North Zone Recreation Staff Officer Joe Loehner, Aquarius, Purple Beach, Washington Creek, Noe Creek and Kelly Forks Campgrounds are open and accessible via Beaver Creek Road, FSR #247.

None of the developed campgrounds have potable water, so campers are encouraged to bring their own drinking water. The water system at Kelly Forks Campground has not been switched on (no water is available at Kelly Forks).

Weitas Creek Campground (no fee) is also open.

French Mountain Road #250, Pierce to Bungalow, remains blocked by deep snow.

"I absolutely recommend folks don't try to go that route (French Mountain Road)," Loehner said.

Hidden Creek Campground, located 55 miles northeast of Pierce, is also closed due to snow. FSR #250, Kelly Forks to Hoodoo Pass (Black Canyon) and FSR #255, Deception Saddle, are clogged by deep snow.