Idaho Prescribed Burning

KAMIAH, ID - The North Fork and Lochsa-Powell Ranger Districts of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests announced today their plans for annual summer prescribed fire projects beginning in mid-August. Planned ignitions will begin when weather and fuel conditions become optimal for achieving the objective while minimizing the smoke output to surrounding in communities. 

Summer prescribed fires are started to take advantage of the conditions that natural fires normally would in these typically higher elevation areas.

The areas designated for prescribed burns are listed below.  The fires will be closely monitored and allowed to burn around the landscape naturally. 

Lochsa-Powell Ranger District – 3832 acres planned:

•           Weitas – 2956 acres located 10 miles north of Lochsa historical ranger station

•           Coolwater Ridge – 876 acres located seven miles northeast of Lowell, ID

North Fork Ranger District – 10,281 acres planned:

•           Barnard Junction – 7066 acres located 25 miles northeast of Pierce, south of Forest Service Road #250

•           Moose Kelley – 1229 acres located 14 miles east of Kelly Creek Work Center

•           Long Creek – 1986 acres located 16 miles north of Kelly Creek Work Center

Fire managers want to emphasize that it is unlikely that all units of the designated areas will be reached this year. Additionally, the acres listed represent the total number of acres in the area, not how much will actually be burnt. Only a small percentage of those acres will be ignited. 

Smoke from prescribed fires is significantly less than what would be expected from a mid-summer wildfire. If smoke concentrations approach minimum air quality standards, ignitions may be delayed until air quality improves.

Short duration trail and area closures may be implemented for public and firefighter safety during prescribed burn activities.