Lewiston Pursuit

LEWISTON - On September 27 at just after 11 P.M., a Nez Perce County Deputy attempted to stop a pickup for speeding near the 2300 block of Grelle in the Lewiston orchards. The pickup failed to stop and continued to travel Westbound on Grelle. The pickup was driven by 29-year-old Johnathan Kinney of Lewiston. The pickup traveled to 15th and Grelle, turned North and traveled to 3527 15th Street. The pickup stopped at the address and crashed into another vehicle at the residence, that was unattended. Kinney then went into to the residence, while the Deputy followed the pickup with emergency lights and siren on. ISP, Lewiston Police and other Deputies arrived at the residence and were able to take Kinney into custody. Kinney was taken to the Nez Perce County Jail and booked on multiple charges. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor. The vehicle that was crashed into at the residence received minor damages, and no injuries were sustained during the incident.