Lewiston City Council 713

LEWISTON - After almost two hours of public comment and another half hour of deliberation, members of the Lewiston City Council decided against a Public Health Advisory on facemasks within Lewiston. Councilman Bob Blakey made the motion to bring the advisory to the table for a vote, but no second was made Monday evening.

Many citizens from Lewiston and surrounding communities showed up to the Lewiston City Library Monday to voice their opinions on a potential mask advisory being brought forward from City Manager Alan Nygaard. The vast majority of comments made by those in attendance and over the phone were strongly opposed to the idea.

The advisory would not have made wearing a mask mandatory within the city of Lewiston, but instead been a strong recommendation to businesses and the public for situations on when and where masks should be worn, at what age they should be worn, etc. 

During deliberation on the issue, many Council members felt the advisory draft was simply not ready to be issued. Instead, the decision was made to revise the draft for the Public Health Advisory to serve more as an educational tool. That draft, when ready, will be brought forward for a vote at a later date.