Dozer Near Dworshak

OROFINO, ID - According to the Army Corps of Engineers at Dworshak Reservoir, sometime around May 3 at Bruce's Eddy Day Use Area, and along the Merry's Bay Trail, someone cut down 5 trees, attempted to start a Corps of Engineers bulldozer, and took another privately-owned dozer for a short drive over a cliff near the lake.

The 5 trees have since been salvaged for firewood, the Corps dozer's locked control panel required repairs. The other dozer remains upside down along the shore of the lake. The bulldozer is owned by a permit holder from the Pullman area who was removing debris from the lake, and this incident is a huge hit to his operation. The Corps and the owner of the dozer are working together to figure out how to recover it.  An excavator near the same location appeared to be not tampered with.

Dworshak Natural Resources Manager Paul Pence says the suspects clearly had the tools and knowledge to cut down the trees, and operate a bulldozer.  They also had the tools to cut the locks to gain access to the area.  The same persons also left many empty beer cans scattered around the area.

If you have any information regarding this destruction of property, call the Clearwater County Sheriffs office at (208) 476-4521.