State Financial Transparency

Source: Truth in Accounting

CHICAGO, IL - Truth in Accounting, a nonpartisan watchdog group, dedicated to analyzing government accounting data from each of the 50 states, has ranked Idaho one of the most financially transparent states in the U.S.

Idaho received a transparency score 88 on a recent review of state governments’ annual financial reports, tied for first place among all 50 states.  Washington's score was 86.

The report, based on 2018 data - the most recent available, ranks states on a scale that tops out at a possible 100 points. A state’s comprehensive annual financial report must meet the following criteria:

  • Receive a clean opinion from an independent auditor (50 points)
  • Include a net position not distorted by misleading and confusing deferred items (10)
  • Report all retirement liabilities on its balance sheet (statement of net position) (10)
  • Be published within 100 days of the government’s fiscal year end (10)
  • Be easily accessible online (5)
  • Be searchable with useful links from the table of contents and bookmarks (5)
  • Be audited by an independent auditor who is not an employee of the government (5)
  • Measure the net pension liability using the same date as the CAFR (5)
State's Financial Transparency Score

Source: Truth in Accounting