Inslee PC 5.04.21

Washington Governor Jay Inslee was a guest in a vaccine related segment on MSNBC on Friday.

Inslee called his vaccine mandate a "common sense measure against a common foe."

When asked about last week's move by health officials in Idaho, authorizing Crisis Standards of Care statewide, Inslee said, "people who are not vaccinated, people who are not masked in the appropriate circumstance, are a clear and present danger to everyone."

"When the Idaho politicians refuse to act with common sense measures, it not only endangers Idaho citizens it endangers Washington citizens," said Inslee.

According to Inslee, "many patients" in Washington cannot get needed heart surgery or cancer surgery because too many people are not vaccinated, many from Idaho.

Inslee implied that Idaho Governor Brad Little is responsible. "The governor of Idaho has spent more time trying to reduce protection by reducing vaccine usage, instead of concentrating on this, and then clog up my hospitals," said Inslee.

Inslee added that getting vaccinated is an "American duty."

Idaho Governor Brad Little has not responded publicly to Inslee's comments.