Screenshot MeatEater Episode Featuring IDFG

A screenshot from the episode of television show MeatEater featuring the Idaho Fish and Game.

BOISE - Each summer, Idaho Fish and Game biologists trap grizzly bears in an effort to monitor their populations. During summer of 2020, a crew from the popular television show MeatEater joined Fish and Game staff as they trapped and processed two adult grizzly bears. Ryan Callaghan, who is the Director of Conservation at MeatEater, joined Fish and Game’s lead grizzly bear biologist Jeremy Nicholson to learn about this hands-on conservation effort.

Idaho is part of an inter-agency grizzly bear study that dates back to 1973, and information gathered provides important data for tracking grizzlies across the Greater Yellowstone Region, which includes Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

“While people recognize state lines and park boundaries, bears do not,” Callaghan explains to viewers "The data gathered here is indispensable to scientists and wildlife management. It helps guide conservation strategies moving into the future. Believe me when I say, everyone here is rooting for this animal. Which is why you should listen when they say lock up your garbage and minimize bear attractants when you live and play in bear country.“

Each year, Fish and Game responds to numerous bear conflicts arising from human garbage, or other attractants, such as improper food storage. This puts the public at risk and may result in officials having to euthanize grizzly bears.