Idaho DEQ

ELK CITY. ID - The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking public comment on a proposed settlement action with Elk City Water and Sewer Association (Association).

The proposed settlement is due to failure to meet:

  • (1) milestones outlined in the facility’s compliance agreement schedule, as amended on March 17, 2016;
  • (2) the requirements of its Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) permit for effluent limits, maintenance of the collection system, data integrity, and quality assurance;
  • (3) the requirements of the “Wastewater Rules” IDAPA 58.01.16.

The Association owns and operates an unincorporated community wastewater collection system and a two-lagoon municipal wastewater treatment facility located on the north bank of Elk Creek. The facility discharges treated wastewater from the facility under IPDES permit ID0022012, which became effective on May 1, 2015.

DEQ prepared a consent order that directs the Association to hire an appropriately licensed responsible charge operator and begin the funding, scoping, and construction efforts to complete facility upgrades necessary to achieve final water quality-based effluent limits for ammonia and temperature. The consent order also requires semi-annual progress reports documenting the progress made toward project funding, system upgrades, lagoon seepage testing, and progress toward achievement of effluent limits.

Written comments on the proposed settlement action will be accepted through February 19, 2021, at 4:00pm PST. This proposed settlement may be amended or adjusted in the future, in which case, DEQ may provide for additional public comment depending on the significance of the changes.

The consent order is available for review at DEQ’s State Office (1410 N. Hilton St.) and on DEQ’s website. It can also be viewed HERE

Submit comments electronically on DEQ’s website or by mail or email:

Nicole Deinarowicz

1410 N Hilton Street

Boise, ID 83706