Idaho North Central District Health

LEWISTON - The Idaho North Central District of Public Health and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have lifted all previous harmful algal bloom (HAB) public health advisories that have been issued in the north central Idaho in 2021.

Health officials say that while there are still some ongoing blooms in north central Idaho, the recreation season has ended and risk of human exposure has been greatly reduced.

Cold weather and rain have a tendency to dissipate HABs, but the public is advised to stay away from water that is discolored, with streaks or globs of scum, or where thick green mats have formed along lake shorelines.

The public is advised to use caution as harmful blooms may still persist. Humans and their pets should stay out if in doubt to the presence of harmful blooms.

Regionally, between August 4 and today, the Idaho North Central District of Public Health issued public health advisories due to harmful algal bloom at Elk Creek Reservoir, Mann Lake, Dworshak Reservoir and Spring Valley Reservoir. 

For more information about harmful algal blooms, including a map of advisories currently in effect throughout Idaho, click HERE