Greater Idaho


BOISE - A Senate and House joint committee of the Idaho Legislature is scheduled to hear testimony from a group that seeks to move Idaho's border to include counties that are currently a part of Oregon and California. According to organizers behind Citizens for Greater Idaho/Move Oregon’s Border will meet with the committee on Monday, April 12.

According to the group, Mark Simmons, former Speaker of the Oregon House, will testify in favor of moving the border.

The joint committee combines the Senate Resources and Environment committee and the House Environment, Energy, and Technology committee. The group says the purpose of the meeting is for the lawmakers to consider the proposal to move the Oregon/Idaho border so that Oregon counties may become a part of Idaho.

Mike McCarter, president of Citizens for Greater Idaho, says he will tell the committee that moving the Oregon/Idaho border farther from Boise will protect Idahoans from the ill effects of Oregon’s new drug laws. He also plans to tout the financial benefits to Idaho.