In-Home Vaccinations

Photo Credit: Scott Dietrich


COEUR D' ALENE - The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department has teamed up with the Area Agency on Aging of North Idaho, along with help from the Panhandle Health District, to begin an in-home COVID-19 vaccination program.

Starting Wednesday, April 7, and continuing for three (3) weeks, the Department is offering this service to any homebound citizens and their direct care providers in all of the Panhandle Health District. Seniors who are homebound or unable to make it to other vaccine locations can call to schedule an appointment.

There is no cost to the individuals for the administration of the vaccine.

The crew will consist of an EMT from the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department along with a volunteer with the Area Agency on Aging of North Idaho. They will drive to the home of the individual and administer the vaccine on-site.

If you know of a home-bound senior that could benefit from this program please have them contact the Area Agency on Aging of North Idaho at 208-667-3179.

There will be an ongoing assessment of need after this first three weeks.