Lindros Plane

Photo: Facebook

KOOSKIA, ID - Late Sunday morning, the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a fire located on Harris Ridge, near Kooskia.  Upon arrival, a Forest Service employee found debris from a crashed plane, which became fully engulfed in flames.  A release from the Idaho County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday morning says the human remains from the crash are undergoing an autopsy by the Idaho County Coroner and official identification of the passengers is still pending.  According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane was a Experimental Class Lancair IV, belonging to Carl Lindros of Santa Barbara, California.  According to a representative at Lindros' business office, the 83-year-old, and his wife Joelle Lindros, were the plane's only passengers and both died in the crash.  The plane shown was featured in a Facebook post by Lindros, and bears the same registration number as the plane in the FAA data.