Boise State University campus

Boise State campus.

BOISE - Boise State University (BSU) has been awarded a $73,200 grant from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to purchase a food waste digester for the Southfork Dining Hall on the school’s Boise campus.

The digester will allow the university to process uneaten food from the dining hall, diverting an estimated 24 tons of food annually from the landfill.

The digester is part of the university’s larger effort to reduce waste generated on campus, beginning with source reduction and diversion.

In recent years, BSU has pursued numerous strategies to reduce total food waste and divert food to those who need it. BSU has begun utilizing customer data to estimate the amount of food needed daily in order to minimize over-ordering and distributing untouched food to students through the Bronco BEAM app.

Funding for this grant was provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable Materials Management Program.