Grizzly Bear IFG

ISLAND PARK - A sow grizzly with cubs charged two hunters in southern Idaho on Sept. 23. Both bear spray and a firearm were used to stop the attack.

On Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021, Idaho Fish and Game received a report of a sow grizzly bear that charged two elk hunters in the Stamp Meadows area near Island Park. As the bear charged, one of the hunters deployed bear spray while the other discharged a firearm at close range, mortally wounding the bear. Neither hunter appeared to be injured during the encounter.

Fish and Game has responded to the incident and located the sow grizzly.

Because the hunters saw cubs nearby, Fish and Game staff are trying to locate the cubs. Dense vegetation in the area is making locating the cubs difficult.

The public is being asked to avoid the area for their own safety and the safety of Fish and Game Staff. Signs have been placed in the area warning of the danger.