Aht’Wy Circulation Road Project

Photo: Nez Perce Tribe

LEWISTON, ID - The Nez Perce Tribe Transportation Program has been working on the Aht’Wy Circulation Road project for the past year. The objective is to improve traffic flow, public safety, and future improvements at the Aht’Wy Plaza facility, says a Nez Perce Tribe press release.​  The Clearwater River Casino, parking lot, mini mart, and gas station at the Aht’Wy Plaza occupy the area.  A proposed US95/US12 interchange in the area is part of a separate project.

An archaeological site is a place in which evidence of past activity is preserved and represents a part of the archaeological record. An ethnographic site is a place that is significant for spiritual, social, aesthetic, or historical reasons. The Nez Perce Tribe says archaeological deposits associated with the site may be encountered beneath the parking area and roadways.

Archaeological testing will begin being conducted next week to determine the extent of archaeological deposits within the project area, and to determine potential impacts the circulation road improvements may have. No more than eight 1 meter by 1 meter test units will be excavated. Testing would be focused on the west end of the project area, which has the highest probability of cultural deposits.